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Make 2018 the year of self-investment and professional growth. Start your journey at the 2018 Operations Conference — an event created with you in mind. Featuring a combination of experts, association managers, and award-winning members, the Operations Conference will address the road blocks and risk areas making your work more difficult. 

You have the choice to deep dive into your specialty or diversify your knowledge base by attending a session outside of your field of practice. Click on the times to view the sessions available during each breakout.  

Monday, January 22, 2018
8:00 – 9:00am | 10:30 – 11:30am | 11:30am – 12:30pm | 1:30pm – 2:30pm | 2:30pm – 3:30pm


8:00 9:00am | CEO Only Session

What is New in CEO Contracts?
Kevin C. O'Malley, Esq.
Shareholder, Butzel Long

This session will be a discussion on the positive and negative factors affecting Michigan Employment Agreements for CEOs.

 Job Function: CEO 


10:30 – 11:30am

New Michigan SuperPAC Laws
Eric E. Doster, JD
Principal Attorney, Doster Law Offices

Across the nation, so-called “SuperPACs” have become an important tool for those engaged in the political arena for Federal races.  In the Fall of 2017, Michigan codified “SuperPACs” for use in Michigan state and local races.  Gain a basic understanding of “SuperPACs and how to make the most of them.

  Job Function: Law Symposium, Deputy Director 

The Data is in! How to Effectively use Compensation Data
Kathie C. Feldpausch, CPA, CAE, RCE
Chief Financial Officer, Michigan REALTORS®

Carrie A. Nicholson, PHR, SHRM-CP
Chief People Advisor, HRM Innovations, LLC

Be it a corporation, non-profit, governmental unit, or service firm, we are all competitors in this tight employment market. In order to maintain our competitive advantage, we must know how to appropriately apply compensation data. And no worries… the benefits of this information far outweigh the costs.

In this session, you’ll learn strategies which will help you to set and maintain competitive compensation packages designed to attract and retain employees. We’ll review several best practices for gathering industry and internal data, along with strategies to manage your total personnel budget; and discuss new or emerging compensation components.

  Job Function: HR. Deputy Director  

Filtered Finances - Financial Reports that Give the BOD Just What They Need-But Not Too Much
David Lindberg, CPA
Chief Financial Officer, Council of Michigan Foundations

William Corkill
Director of Technology, Council of Michigan Foundations 

This session will cover the various reports provided to boards, committees and staff in the areas of financial reports, investment returns and member engagement and interaction. With the database as a key tool, dashboards have been developed to measure financial information as well as membership engagement and satisfaction with CMF services.

  Job Function: Finance, Deputy Director  

Data Security - Managing the Human Virus
Frank R. Mitchell
Founder and Director of Innovation, BehaviorSafe Consulting LLC

Cyber security is a growing concern for every association.  Hackers use “social engineering” and other techniques to elicit Confidential and Sensitive Information from unsuspecting staff and association members.  Learn from a social engineer how to identify these types of threats and how to protect your association using principle-based strategies.

  Job Function: Operations, Technology, Office Manager, Deputy Director  

Membership Research - What Do You Collect Info On?  And How Do You Use It?
Gretchen Couraud, CAE, CFRE
Chief Executive Officer, National Association of College & University Food Services

Attend this session and learn why and how to survey members to measure member value, make objective decisions about products, programs and services and build business systems to track data and develop business intelligence.

  Job Function: Membership, Sales & Marketing, Deputy Director, Project Manager, Research, Communications & Graphic Design, Meetings & Education, Member Services   

11:30am – 12:30pm

You Have the Data, Now How Do You WOW Your BOD with It?
Sarah Jennings, CPA, CFE, CAE
Principal, Maner Costerisan

In this session, we will discuss best practices for visually presenting financial data to your board of directors and other key stakeholders. We will discuss what types of information to present and how to best present it so that the information is more intuitive and meaningful for your audience.

  Job Function: Operations, Deputy Director  

Vendor Contract Negotiation & Management  
Mark J. Burzych, Esq.
Attorney, Fahey Schultz Burzych Rhodes PLC

What some view as "boilerplate" is actually substantive and important to an Association when contracting with Vendors. Understand how mistakes In the negotiation of a contract can be damaging to the Association.

  Job Function: Law Symposium, Meetings & Education, Member Services, Deputy Director, Research  

New Accounting Standards for 2018
Wendy Thompson, CPA
Training Manager, Yeo & Yeo P.C. CPAs

Mary Kreider, CPA
Manager, Yeo & Yeo P.C, CPAs

Nonprofits are facing three consecutive years of significant accounting and/or presentation changes to their financial statements.  Learn about presentation changes and requirements on functional expense disclosures.  You will also learn about upcoming revenue recognition changes along with the new lease standards. 

  Job Function: Finance, Deputy Director, HR  

Software Analysis on Membership Databases-Is Out-of-the-Box for Everyone?
Chris Waterson
Chief Financial Officer, National Association of College & University Food Services

Genevieve Allen, CAE
Finance and Systems Manager, National Association of College & University Food Services

You know the decision to purchase or change Association Management systems can be a daunting undertaking and it involves more than looking at the shiny bells and whistles AMS vendors use to lure you to their products, but where do you begin?  Join us on a journey through one association’s decision-making process.  Learn how they decided where to start, the planning they completed up- front, how they researched and found the tools to guide the process, and most importantly, how they kept the association as a whole and membership value in mind throughout the voyage. 

  Job Function: Technology, Membership, Deputy Director  

Delivery is Everything - Customer Service at its Best 
Anita Torres, ACC, CEC, CPLP, MS
Certified Executive Leadership Coach, Organizational Learning & Performance Consultant

In today’s competitive market, it’s not what you are selling, but how you are servicing that matters most.  Delivery is everything when customer service is at its best.  There is a fine line between selling  and serving. Delivering Passion-Powered Service focuses on the interpersonal skills that are critical for personal and organizational success.  It begins with reconnecting to your “passion” to serve.  How you handle your customers can directly affect your own goals, the team’s and the company’s performance.  This highly-interactive workshop brings to light the S.E.R.V.I.C.E code of behaviors that we already know but often need reminding and practice in applying it. 

  Job Function: Sales & Marketing, Communications & Graphic Design, Office Manager, Project Manager, Deputy Director  

1:30 - 2:30pm

The Policies and Restrictions of Association Memberships
Scott Breen, Esq.
Director, Willingham Coté, P.C.

Legally, 2017 had significant cases setting precedence with membership issues. Learn about voting rights, membership restrictions, access to email addresses and other timely topics. In addition, learn how the subpoena of membership correspondence with a Michigan association impacts all associations.

  Job Function: Operations, Membership, Research, Deputy Director  

Taking Care of Staff-Retirement and Employee Benefits
Reuben Levinsohn
Director, Life & Wealth Solutions for Medical Professionals, The Centennial Group

Helping your employees with real retirement planning vs winging it is will move them in the right direction of being part of the 4% who achieve the retirement lifestyle they imagine.  This session will cover the 3 stages of planning: Accumulation, Distribution, and Legacy and how to understand the tax impact on retirement assets.

  Job Function: HR, Deputy Director  

Your Device - Our Device – Does it Matter?
Aaron Davis, Esq. 
Attorney/Lansing, Fraser Trebilcock

It does!  Who owns the device you do work on makes a difference, but how and why? Learn about needed policies and practices along with how to compensate the owner for the other usage. Security, thumb drives, Dropbox, Google Drive, remote access to email will be covered.

  Job Function: Office Manager, Deputy Director, Finance, Law Symposium 

Eliminate Silos: Organization-Wide Project Systems 
Hope Rollins
Director of Education and Training Services at ECS, Michigan Public Health Institute

We all want to leverage talent, increase employee morale, while experiencing positive organizational performance and collective success.  Is it even possible? Yes it is!  Let’s explore together how to break down the silo mentality and build innovation through the implementation of industry wide project systems.

  Job Function: Technology, Communications & Graphic Design, Meetings & Education, Member Services, Project Manager, Deputy Director   

Up Your Game: How to Close the Sale Pt. 1 (Two Hour Session)
Kristy Slusarczyk
Product Launch & Market Support Training Manager, hibu

Association staff are rarely given sales training yet are selling every day. Learn how to sell in the “Association” world including, overcoming objectives, how to ask better questions and “bid” more and sell less,  how to communicate more on value than on price and how to ask questions in order to compel interest and purchases

  Job Function: Sales & Marketing, Deputy Director  

2:30 - 3:30pm

Top Ten Legal Tips Regarding Technology
Christopher Kim, Esq.
Associate, Venable, LLP

Nonprofits face unique challenges in IT procurement contracts, due to the complexity of IT subject matter and the distinctions between their organizations and the typical for-profit customer.  Ten important contract issues will be outlined to consider when negotiating with technology vendors. The topics addressed will focus on strategies, potential liabilities, and other concerns specific to the nonprofit sector.

  Job Function: Law Symposium, Technology, Communications & Graphic Design, Office Manager, Deputy Director, Project Manager, Research  

Work Options in the Changing Human Resources Landscape
Jodi Wehling
Owner and Managing Consultant, People Matters LLC

As the environment we are doing business in keeps changing, organizations are challenged to continually adapt or be left behind.  This poses an opportunity for employers to create flexible workplaces to attract and engage top talent. Consider how your organization can proactively approach this issue.

  Job Function: HR, Deputy Director  

Revenue Generating Programs - Getting More Bang for the Buck
Donna Oser, CAE
Director of Leadership Development and Executive Search Services, Michigan Association of School Boards

Scott Bennett
Executive Director, Independent Bowling & Entertainment Centers Association

A discussion on how to develop programs within your association to bring revenue in ways you never thought possible! Learn from successful award winners on scanning, planning and implementation.

  Job Function: Finance, Deputy Director, Member Services, Membership  

Let's Get Together-Sponsorships to Partnerships
Kate Pojeta, CMP
Conventions & Exhibitions Manager, Event Garde LLC

Learn how to revitalize your sponsors into event and association partners by customizing offerings and crafting year-round opportunities. Grow your sponsorship revenue by providing relevant exposure of partners for members and event attendees.

  Job Function: Meetings & Education, Operations  

Up Your Game: How to Close the Sale Pt. 2 (Two Hour Session)
Kristy Slusarczyk
Product Launch & Market Support Training Manager, hibu

Association staff are rarely given sales training yet are selling every day. Learn how to sell in the “Association” world including, overcoming objectives, how to ask better questions and “bid” more and sell less,  how to communicate more on value than on price and how to ask questions in order to compel interest and purchases.  

  Job Function: Sales & Marketing, Deputy Director  


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