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Your Password is Weak and Your Email is Overwhelming: Real-World Facts and Solutions for Today’s Technology
Wed., July 11 | 9:00 - 10:15am

Did you know the average professional receives 121 emails a day? Or that "starwars" ranks #16 in the top 100 worst passwords? Or that the majority of hacking events at business come from employee error?

Association professionals need to understand the trends in the world of technology… and learn about the tools to manage them. Author Beth Z, Your Nerdy Best Friend, will share the research you need to stay safe and productive in 2018… and, more importantly, the tech tools that will help you do so. This laugh-filled session is a can't-miss program to prepare you for the digital future (which is already here).

Although the only real trophy she ever won was for making perfect French fries at McDonald’s in high school, Beth Z has been featured on Best Speaker lists by Meetings & Conventions magazine and MeetingsNet. 

Since her first Commodore 64 computer, Beth has made a verb out of the word nerd. She helps computer users all over the country filter through thousands of apps, gadgets, widgets and doodads to find the perfect free and bargain technology tools for business and personal use through presentations and her books, including the latest title, Nerd Know-How: The 27+ Best Apps for Work and How to Use ‘Em, available on 

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AMITH NAGARAJAN keynote speaker ORGPRO 2017



Artificial Intelligence
Wed., July 11 | 12:00 - 1:30pm

Artificial intelligence software is an accessible tool associations can use in order to bridge the engagement gap.

Amith Nagarajan is the Executive Chairman of Amith helps associations, non-profits, and other brands engage with their audiences on a daily basis. The company has developed cutting edge AI to drive meaningful daily engagement between a brand and its audience through personalized content curation. Outside of, he is an active early stage investor in B2B SaaS companies. He has also had the good fortune of two+ decades of success as an entrepreneur and enjoys helping others in their journey.

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President and Founder 

Your Life is Your Story. Your Story is Your Life.
THU., July 12 | 10:30am - 12:00pm

Your Life is Your Story. Your Story is Your Life. How will your association share its story?  Your life is a unique one-of-a-kind story “written” and “sparked” by the restless tension between your authentic interests, passion, circumstances, and experiences.  Storytelling is also a “spark” which ignites a deeper connection and sense of belonging between associations and its members by creating shared context and appreciation. It is one of the most powerful tools leaders can use to foster engagement, cohesion, participation, loyalty, and influence throughout organizations. 

Stuart Meyer, President and Founder of Social Frequency Media, documentary filmmaker, and media entrepreneur will help us discover the unique stories of Michigan citizens and learn how these individuals have translated the “sparks” of their passion into their lives story.  Also, examine how associations utilize effective storytelling throughout their strategy and activities.  

Stuart Meyer presently serves as President and Founder of Social Frequency Media, a documentary film and digital media production company devoted to the power of storytelling.  In the past, Meyer has served in management roles with the National Barbecue & Grilling Association, and the American Bar Association and Emergency Nurses Association. Over the years, he has also provided consulting services to countless associations and served as a lead organizational architect in the creation of the European Alliance for Innovation. Industry volunteer roles have included Chair of the ASAE Membership Section Council, co-author on industry books and periodical publications and numerous presentations to association executive organizations.

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