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Take control of your professional development and the impact you can have at your organization. You have the choice to deep dive into your specialty or diversify your knowledge base by attending a session outside of your field of practice. Click on the times under each date to view each sessions available during that time period. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017
10:45 a.m. -12:00 p.m. 1:30 p.m.-2:45 p.m. 3:15 p.m.-4:30 p.m.

Thursday, July 13, 2017 
8:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

10:45 a.m. -12:00 p.m.


Show Me the Money! Where Did I Spend It?
Kimberly Bode
Principal, 834 Design & Marketing

The ability to quantify your marketing efforts is crucial. Learning how to take advantage of resources to evaluate the impact of your investments gives you the power to make smarter, more efficient decisions as you move forward. Your goal of generating positive return starts with a solid measurement strategy.


Email Effectiveness: Push Through the Clutter
Veronica Gracia-Wing
Associate Strategist, Piper and Gold Public Relations

Feel like you're being bombarded by emails? You're not alone! The abundance of information in the online world can make it impossible for organizations to cut through the noise and connect with the right audience. This program on the 9 Tips for Effective Emails will help cut through the clutter.

Icon Key
AK - Association Knowledge
 (best practices and legal aspects fall under this category)
IU - Industry Understanding (this is the sector your members represent) 
PA - Personal Awareness (this is everything from confidence to not being a jerk)


Chief Executive Officer

Marketing & Communications

Meeting Planning
& Education



ORGPRO Breakout Track - Operations



Launch: Give Traction to Products & Services
Camron Gnass
Founder and Principal, Traction

Discover the secret power behind a creative brief and how to use one as the most effective way to launch a new product or service. Experience best practices and real world solutions in this micro-workshop aimed to arm you with the best tools to position your brand. This will result in sales!


Leadership & The Power of Self-Awareness
Brian Williamson, PhD
Partner, GiANT Worldwide

Leadership skills are the ticket to the game, but self-awareness is 4X stronger of a predictor of long term success than IQ. In this session, you will have the chance to increase your self-awareness by assessing your leadership behaviors from three angles. You will engage with a research and best-practices based tool utilized by thousands of leaders around the world. View a preview.


Five Ways to Motivate Your Speakers to Care about Learning Design
Aaron Wolowiec, MSA, CAE, CMP, CTA
Founder and President, Event Garde, LLC

During this session, identify both what learning design is and a systematic, outcomes-focused process for incorporating it more seamlessly into conference sessions. Additionally, walk away with five strategies for motivating your speakers to care about and apply learning design to the sessions they present for your organization.


1:30 p.m.-2:45 p.m.


Communications Tips for Creating a Team that Rocks!
Karlene Belyea, MBA
Chief Executive Officer, Michigan Veterinary Medical Association

Did you know that having a happy work team is the single greatest competitive advantage? Research shows that employees working in a positive environment with good communication have 31% higher productivity, 37% higher sales, 23% fewer health-related effects from stress and 3 times higher creativity. This fast-paced, interactive session will give you tips on working more effectively with different personalities and generations to maximize the productivity within your team. View a preview.


Beyond Traditional - Let’s Get Digital
Rob McCarty
Jack of All, The Image Shoppe

There is a spectrum of ways to use digital media to benefit your organization and your members’ experience. From a brand smart responsive website, SEO, SEM, email campaigns, social media, video, and more - we will discuss how to audit your assets and evaluate the state of your digital marketing program, answer questions, and even get a little interactive. You’ll leave with tactics to better improve your organization’s digital marketing efforts.


Don't DIY Your Security: Ways to Prepare for a Security Breach
Chad Paalman
Managing Partner, NuWave Technology Partners

John Gilkey
Partner, NuWave Technology 

The time to prepare is NOW! Organizations are battling with sophisticated, conniving cyber adversaries who are constantly evolving their techniques to steal and profit from their valuable and sensitive information. Since no environment can ever be 100% secure, an attacker will eventually penetrate even the most well-protected defenses. Ensuring the right people and processes are in place before a security incident occurs can make a significant difference in how a breach impacts the organization’s operations, reputation, and bottom line.


Design Thinking: Motivate Culture and Inspire Action
Sue Radwan, AE, MEd., ARM, SMP, 
Owner, Leading Edge Mentoring

Camron Gnass
Founder and Principal, Traction

Discover empowering ways to recruit, engage and retain members; rethink and grow your conference; and devise engaging and effective marketing and promotional materials. Learn the five-steps of human-centered design thinking, and see real world applications that have achieved amazing results. Things will change as you design them differently.


Expanding Your Reach: The Art of Content Writing
Selma Tucker
Director of Marketing and Communications, Public Sector Consultants

Instead of passive and mundane writing, explore how your words can leap off the page to entice your readers. When conveying a message to your target audience, it’s imperative that your signature style come across and generate the desired response.Whether you’re a marketing neophyte or an aficionado, you’ll be able to employ these techniques in your next digital or print project to achieve better outcomes.

3:15 p.m.-4:30 p.m. | Inspirational Insights

Inspirational Insights empower bite-size learning opportunities that stimulates curiosity and pursues knowledge. Through high-impact and engaging education, our industry gurus explore and deliver tips and resources for branding, membership, storytelling, volunteer management and teams that will disrupt and challenge your organization. Instead of attendees rotating from room to room, the speakers rotate every 15 minutes.


Creating an Identity: The Brand Called YOU
Kimberly Bode
Principal, 834 Design & Marketing

Your brand is also impacted by your organizational brand. Why? It’s because people associate the organization with you and vice versa. Elicit some new tools and resources to maximize your brand and your organization’s as well.


Strategic Illiteracy: The Membership Time Bomb 
Cynthia D'Amour, MBA
Leadership Strategist, People Power Unlimited

How many companies train their staff to be more strategic? For most companies, strategic thinking and future crafting are not reinforced and rewarded. Strategic skills needed to move organizations forward are different than those of the past. When the world was more consistent, data-driven analysis could fuel strategy. In a disruptive world, building a future based totally on the past is not going to work. Are your members ready?


Using Video to Show Your Why 
Paul Schmidt
Production Director, UnoDeuce Multimedia

Video is becoming more ubiquitous in how we engage with an organization. In this presentation, learn why you should produce cost effective videos, how to use the tools that are available, what results to look for and when to use a professional. View a preview.


How to Know When to Establish & Sunset Committees
David Westman, MBA, CAE, CPA
Chief Executive Officer, Westman & Associates Consulting, LLC

There is no “cookie cutter” formula for establishing and sun setting committees. Some organizations operate with only a handful of committees, whereas others are overrun with 20 or more of them.  Learn how to maximize engagement at optimal efficiency in your committee structure.


The Five Voices of A Team: How to Communicate Effectively With Everyone You Lead
Brian Williamson, PhD
Partner, GiANT Worldwide

In this session, you will receive a simple, scalable solution to the common problems of miscommunication, poor execution, capacity constraints, relational drama, and other team challenges. Be introduced to yourself and your team in a new way through five voices.

Thursday, July 13, 2017 

8:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.  |  Association Labs and Continental Breakfast

We’re improvising, experimenting and exploring solutions pertaining to membership, meeting planning, sales and team building to enhance your organization. We’ll fuel your belly with breakfast and revive your mind with breakthroughs in each lab.


Going APE for the Future of Membership
Cynthia D'Amour, MBA
Leadership Strategist, People Power Unlimited

Disruptive changes are upon us practically everywhere we turn. Plus, more are on the way. Your association needs to get members beyond how they’ve always done things and into a more actively proactive space. Using the APE approach to embracing change, you’ll explore the potential future of membership together.


Live Your YOUlogy for Sales
Red Katz
Entrepreneur, Red Inspires

As a sales leader, you know all too well that nothing happens until someone SELLS something.
And a high-performing sales team can knock down walls, generate amazing results, and keep going to do it again and again and again. THAT is the recipe for lasting sales success. Red Katz has spent a lifetime selling; he knows that sales is equal parts mind-set and skillset, and he’s ready to teach you the skills that will help you know it, too.
View a preview.


Words that Don’t Work 
Donna Oser, CAE
Director of Leadership Development and Executive Search Services, Michigan Association of School Boards

Learn about dominant behavior styles and words that elicit a negative pre-cognitive response from each style. Collectively, we’ll explore how these insights can inform our communications with colleagues and lead to more productive relationships. Participants will leave the session with a tool to help identify behavioral styles and a tip sheet for improved communications.


Bring Disruption to Your Events
Bob Kobosky
Vice President, Global Accounts, ConferenceDirect

Is it time to “shake up” your meetings with new ways to deliver your content? This interactive session will showcase new ideas from industry peers and allow you to get in on the discussion with a seat at the table!


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