Red Katz keynote speaker ORGPRO 2017



Live Your YOUlogy for Success
Wed., July 12 | 9:00 - 10:15am

Your organization can achieve more by helping people rediscover, recharge, and reboot their passions - unleashing more profits, higher productivity and greater performance. His keynote on success will provide the keys to build resiliency and help you overcome your real-world challenges with real-world strategies. No theory, no fluff, and no filler at this session. This kicks off how you will lead differently by design.

Red Katz is an entrepreneur and professional speaker. He teaches executives and entrepreneurs how to unlock lasting success in business and unleash genuine passion in their lives. 

He just released the book, Live Your YOUlogy. 

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Chad Paalman keynote speaker ORGPRO 2017



You are a Target and So are Your Members
Wed., July 12 | 12:00 - 1:30pm

Every week it seems there are new viruses, worms and spyware infecting computer systems across the globe. These malicious attacks are happening more and more frequently, and with greater damage. They are happening in associations and within associations' members. Organizations are at higher risk than ever before. Learn about the risks, why you should care, how to communicate the issue with members and most importantly, how to minimize it occurring under your leadership.

Chad Paalman is an experienced solution-based technology specialist working with businesses of all sizes from a wide range of industries. He hosts Technically Speaking, a technology-focused radio show. 

Nuwave is a full-service technology provider with a team of 50 trained tech specialists and three offices across Michigan. 

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Juanita Lolita keynote speaker ORGPRO 2017



Using Stand-Up to Stand-Out
THU., July 13 | 10:30am - 12:00pm

Have you heard the definition of insanity? It is when you do the same thing over and over again, and expect different results. Break the cycle using humor. If you can harness the power of laughter, you can become memorable. Memorable equals results. Be inspired by comedian Juanita Lolita, who will show you how to stand-out in a crowd using humor and the ability to laugh at yourself.  During this session you will not only learn, but laugh as well.

Juanita Lolita’s comedy career began when a coworker signed her up for an open mic night. Within one year she was performing for over 7000 women at a conference in Atlanta and since then has performed throughout the country.
Juanita was voted "Best of the Bay" with Creative Loafing Magazine, a finalist for "Florida’s Funniest Person" Rooftop comedy and recently, a finalist in "The World Series of Comedy" Las Vegas. She has been featured on NBC, ABC and the CTN. Her Latin flair and hillbilly background are a crowd favorite. Juanita takes pride in the fact that she can make you laugh hysterically without profanity. Her comedy focuses on observations from everyday life.

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Post-Conference (New this year) 
Timo Anderson keynote speaker ORGPRO 2017



A Vision of Greatness (Is Not A Strategic Plan)
THU., July 13 | 12:30 - 3:30pm

What’s a vision? It’s an answer to the simple—yet radical—question: “When we're really successful in our work at a particular point in the future, what will our organization look like?” Imagine going to a website where you could log on and, with the right password, view your company as it will be five years from now. Well, the website (as far as we know) doesn’t exist yet. But you have the software you need right in your own head—and the heads of others in your organization. Join Zingerman’s Trainer, Timo Anderson, to learn how effective visioning has been an important part of Zingerman’s success and how you can use this powerful tool to fuel your business, and personal success.

While life in the non-profit world came with its own rewards, Timo made the switch to the for-profit world when a position at ZingTrain opened up. He eagerly took the chance to learn how his skills would parlay in a world where both profits, products, and service matter equally. He  currently teaches Service, Bottom Line Training, and Visioning content to organizations across the country as well as teaching the 2-Day Bottom Line Training Seminar at ZingTrain.

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