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As leaders in association governance, MSAE and AMR are providing educational opportunities to transform association boards from ordinary to extraordinary. 

This interactive workshop will arm board leaders with the tools to lead their organizations with finesse and purpose.  Participants will learn the difference between governing and managing, gain helpful and innovative ways to orientate new board member to your organization and learn how to ensure accountability and transparency.

The Extraordinary Board Orientation focuses on the entire board, not just leadership. By assessing your board structure and the succession plan for your board's leadership, you will leave this workshop feeling enlightened and rewarded. Chief staff executives are strongly encouraged to participate in this series with their board members. We recommend bringing at least two board members with you.

Attend and you will:

Receive a comprehensive overview of being a board member and/or board leader.
Delineate the legal and fiduciary responsibilities as board members.
Develop board members for board leadership positions.
Create an integral strategic plan, succession plan or preferred future plan for your association.
Obtain tips and resources for facilitating the board meeting and engaging board members.


“Extraordinary Board Orientation was a well-organized and insightful seminar. It was evident the speaker, Susan Radwan, is well versed in the topic. She easily incorporated answers to specific questions of individuals while continuing to provide general information that applied to all attendees. The materials included in the packet were frequently referenced and are good resources for attendees to use for the work of their association.”

Ruth Rickard, National Association of RV Parks & Campground Michigan Board Member


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