Operations Conference

Finance, human resources, and information technology are essential to the success of your association.  At MSAE’s Operation Conference, you can learn the latest trends in these fields so that you can perform like a well-oiled machine, keep your association in gear, and excel forward. Laser lock on a specific function–or mix and match from all three and ensure you obtain the tools needed to sustain an effective and efficient operation.

In addition to monitoring revenue and expenses, you’re also juggling concerns related to investments, cost-benefit analysis, using data to drive business decisions and how to sustain your organization when a crisis hits.

Human Resources
From Baby Boomers to Millennials, associations still face the challenge of recruiting and retaining talent with limited resources. Discover the best practices for performance reviews, crafting a social media policy, and implementing an employee safety program to protect your team from violence.

Information Technology
Learn how to maximize information technology that’s right for your association. Witness first-hand how information technology aligns with business objectives, the cast for cloud-based technology and using IT systems to aggregate data for business decisions.

Attend and you will:

•Discover the trends impacting finance, human resources and information technology in the association industry.
•Increase the proficiency of your association through innovative solutions and best practices.
•Optimize productivity in creating a high-performing and safe work environment.

Who Should Attend?

•COOs and Deputy Directors
•CFOs, Directors of Finance, finance staff, finance contractors
•Human Resource Directors, HR staff, HR contractors
•Information Technology Directors, IT staff, IT contractors
•Office Administrators and Administrative Assistants


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