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A New MSAE Bookmark


Ensuring a knowledgeable, professional and successful community is MSAE’s mission and core to our long-term success. Because we are a member-first organization, MSAE has continuously pushed the envelope and experimented with the best means to deliver a unique and enriching experience to all of our members and partners. 

But in this current era of rapid technological, social and economic change, how we serve our members had to shift to reflect the new realities of our society. After conducting a comprehensive analysis of our organizational structure, program offerings and overall operations, the MSAE Board has approved a “New MSAE." 

The New MSAE will be more nimble, effective and efficient. Like many organizational redesigns, we are looking towards future member needs. This will result in increased investment in some places and redeployment in others. 

The Board approved a budget that rightsized MSAE for the future and positions the organization to have a successful change in CEO leadership coming Fall of 2018. As a result, MSAE determined which programs to sunset and which to expand. In the upcoming months we will slowly roll out the following:

    • - Offer four key events, all reinvented for member experience enhancement:
        • Annual Convention currently called ORGPRO
        • Legislative Conference
        • Fall Symposium
        • Winter Symposium
    • - Focus on programs specific to the association sector and member needs.
    • - Expand the use of Third Thought® - the online self-assessment and model documents library and podcasts for more "just-in-time" 
        curriculum and resources
    • - Enhance the Government Affairs Academy
    • - Evolve the Law Symposium into a legal resource response with live and recorded webinars as legal issues emerge
    • - Redesign the fall Thanksgiving Brunch to a Lansing based program and a tech trade show
    • - Redesign Awards to a Winter/Spring event in collaboration with a Detroit based education day
    • - Integrate the CAE Summit into the Annual Convention
    • - Expand communities of practice and use the ideas generated in the COPs to create programming for the Annual Convention and the 
    • - Recognize resource obsolesce by de-emphasizing the existing “hard copy” library by moving all possible association resources onto 
        Third Thought.
      - Offer more webinars and online communities of practice 

    The changed scope of work, made it necessary to redesign every staff position. The new positions were created to reflect the changing landscape of association management, provide enhanced sharing of resources and facilitate a higher level of collaboration.

    President/CEO | Cheryl Ronk, CAE, CMP, FASAE
    Job Description: To implement the strategic plan and create a progressive, future focused organization that attracts members.  Make MSAE the one organization no association employee can afford to be without.

    CFO of MSAE and General Manager of MSAE Service Corporation | Denise Amburgey
    Job Description: To provide opportunities for members to receive unique services or save money in services.  To maintain the operations of the organization. 

    Strategic Marketing Manager | Shawnna Henderson
    Job Description: To create and implement marketing plans to expand our reach.

    Certification Manager | Kristy Carlson, CMP
    Job Description: Responsible for the certification programs we offer and to help customers achieve and maintain their certification.

    Career Enrichment Manager | Stephanie Wohlfert, CMP
    Job Description: Responsible for design, marketing, and implementation of those elements that expand one’s knowledge of association management through tracks of learning.

    Member Service Coordinator | Kelly Chase, CMP
    Job Description: Responsible for the customer touch for our offerings to members and assists with education design.

    Association Community Manager | Angela DeVries
    Job Description: Responsible for the interaction among and between members and customers, maintaining and growing the member base.

    Association Industry Advocate | Vacant
    Job Description: To foster a healthy public policy environment for our members.

    Associations must stay continually relevant to members. This structure will allow MSAE to serve current and additional stakeholder audiences in an affordable way. We are excited to serve you in our new capacity and eagerly await a chance to engage with you as the “New MSAE.”

    If you have questions, please contact me at or 517.332.6723.

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