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MSAE's Meetings Intern: Hanna Featherston Bookmark

MSAE provides internship opportunities to dynamic individuals in graphic design, meetings, and assisting the president.

Starting in January of this year, Hanna Featherston joined the MSAE team as our meetings intern. She has already shown leadership in taking on any task and project available. Currently finishing her degree majoring in Recreational and Event Management with a minor in Business Administration at Central Michigan University, her graduation date is set for August 2018.

She brings with her nine months of meeting and event planning internship experience assisting with events for the DTE Energy Music Theater, The Palace of Auburn Hills, and the Freedom Hill Amphitheater. Her internships have given her a broad and unique perspective. This perspective has helped give ORGPRO 2018 a fresh twist.

Take a look at what has been planned for ORGPRO 2018!

Here are Hanna's responses to the Better Together Profile:


How long have you worked in association management?

2 months and 2 weeks…but you can say 2 months

 Describe your job in one sentence.

Assisting the creation of engaging and beneficial educational events for our members.

 In three sentences or less, describe the best advice you received that has helped you find success in your career?

It’s not what you know it’s who you know and the worst thing someone can do is say no.

 What are you most proud of as an association professional?

Being able to implement and produce events that members see as valuable and captivating.

If you had magical powers, what's one thing you'd change about the association management sector?

 At this moment I don’t believe I have enough experience in the association management sector to make a decision on what I would change.

If you could choose one superhero power to help you accomplish your career/organizational goals, what would it be?

Mind reading

If you could pick a theme song for your association what would it be?

Life's What You Make It - Hannah Montana 

It Happens - Sugarland 

About Better Together Profiles
The Better Together profiles are regular feature in Association IMPACT magazine. 
As association professionals, we all face similar challenges and triumphs, the profiles help our members learn more about each other.  If you'd like to complete a profile for inclusion in the magazine, please contact Shawnna Henderson or complete the online questionnaire (questionnaire will open in Google Form).

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