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Silver Linings and Thought Leaders Bookmark

Silver Linings and Thought Leaders
One of the silver linings in the ‘cloud’ of the pandemic is that associations can leverage the virtual medium to bring some of the industry’s best minds to members and do so inexpensively. To this end, MSAE is thrilled to launch our new Thought Leader Webinar Series. The series features a 90-minute webinar each month from some of the best association minds in the country. The content was explicitly hand-curated for Michigan’s association community, and each speaker was selected for their knowledge and experience.

Congratulations to Michigan's Newest CAEs! Bookmark

Congratulations to Michigan's Newest CAEs!
Passing the Certified Association Executive exam is no small feat. The accomplishment represents months of study, preparation, nerves, and time management skills. For many holders of the CAE designation, it represents one of the highlights of one’s professional career. For others, it simply represents the start of a new chapter for advancement.

Meet Your New Chairman of the Board: Jared Burkhart, CAE Bookmark

Meet Your New Chairman of the Board: Jared Burkhart, CAE

If you joined us for our Annual Meeting on August 4, you know that we had some very exciting changes to announce. Perhaps the most important piece of business was the passing of the gavel from last year’s Chairman, Cynthia Maher, CAE, to Jared Burkhart, CAE.

The MSAE Annual Meeting (In Five Minutes) Bookmark

The MSAE Annual Meeting (In Five Minutes)

On August 4, we had one of the most well-attended Annual Meetings in recent MSAE history via Zoom. The reasons for high attendance were many; we welcomed a new Chairman, new Board members, made changes to our by-laws, and had a nationally-recognized thought leader on organizational culture provide us with a keynote. 

What Does the Customer Value? Bookmark

What Does the Customer Value?

Management consultant Peter Drucker posed the question 40+ years ago and it is more important now than ever. What does the customer (or member) value? As association leaders wrestle with budgeting for the next year in an economy that rivals that of the Great Depression, this is the critical question. Association resources - human, capital, physical, everything - must be aligned in response to the answer.     

Products & Services

What products and services will members need to weather this storm? Key questions include:

What should the association continue to provide?What should the association double down on?

What should the association stop doing? 

What should the association start doing?

Association Business Lines are Changing Bookmark

Association Business Lines are Changing

[In-person meetings appear to be being pushed farther and farther out on the horizon. Complete information on ASAE’s Impact Research can be found here.]

For the average association without some qualifying circumstance, the proportion of overall revenue generated by meetings and education in associations will likely never return to its pre-COVID state. While I hope this isn't true, I suspect it is, and here's why. 


In the years to come, in-person meetings and education will be hindered by several key limitations. In-person meetings will be more expensive to host due to necessary virus precautions. Attendance is likely to decline due to fear of inherent risk, restrictions on business travel, and, paradoxically, undesirable expectations on attendees (face coverings,etc.).  I am not suggesting that in-person meetings won't still be an important business line for associations but rather a less prominent one. And, this problem is not solved by just shifting to virtual meetings. 


Association virtual meetings and education as a significant business line are also under threat. The first threat is cost - taking content online in a meaningful way requires investments in staff training, software, and technology that associations with diminishing reserves may not be able to make. In the short term, association members have tolerated a somewhat awkward foray into virtual, but their patience will run thin. This will be hastened by contrast with the most significant disruptive threat...

CMP Virtual Prep Course Info Session Bookmark

CMP Virtual Prep Course Info Session
Interested in learning more about the Fall 2020 Virtual CMP Prep Course? Join us at this one-hour info session to get your questions answered. 

The Best-Laid Plans Bookmark

The Best-Laid Plans
Whether you were planning to attend in person or virtually, we have been looking forward to seeing you at ORGPRO 2020! We'd worked diligently with Motown Digitial and Chase Creative to re-tool it as a hybrid event. We'd curated content from national subject matter experts and some of our smartest colleagues in the state to be relevant to what's happening right now. Of course, we'd worked meticulously with the Radisson Plaza team and Discover Kalamazoo to make sure you'd have an amazing and safe experience. 

But, as the saying goes, the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. After careful consideration of present circumstances, our Safe Meetings in Michigan pre-event guidance, and yesterday's member survey, we've decided to cancel both the virtual and face-to-face events. Here's why:

Goryl and Moss Recognized for Service Bookmark

MSAE's Board of Directors recognized two directors who are retiring from the board at its June meeting. Carey Goryl, MSW, CAE, and Mike Moss, CAE, are finishing up notable service on the board. 

The board reluctantly accepted a letter of resignation from Carey Goryl, CEO of the Association for Advancing Physician and Provider Recruitment, and thanked her for remarkable service to MSAE. Goryl's departure comes at the end of year two of a three-year term due to relocation - she and her family are moving back to the east coast so that her husband can pursue new career opportunities. 

Tobi Lyon Joins MSAE's Board of Directors Bookmark

Tobi Lyon Joins MSAE's Board of Directors

MSAE is excited to welcome Tobi Lyon, MBA, to our Board of Directors! Take a moment to get to know Tobi and what she brings to our organization. 


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