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Part of MSAE’s mission focuses on helping associations attract, develop and retain top talent. We can be your resource for executive search services and finding the right person for your open positions. Let us bring you the top candidates for your selection.

We have created a procedures & practices risk assessment to help you analyze where you need to give attention to manage, avoid or transfer risk. Take the assessment today. 

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Compensation & Benefits Survey Report

Since 1980, MSAE has been Michigan’s source for association benchmarking data.  In conjunction with an independent entity, we survey members to gather data on benefits and compensation for chief executive officers and other association staff. The result is an easily used report that features data specific to not-for-profit organizations in the state of Michigan and an additional, 65-page report of national not-for-profit data for supplemental benchmarking.

The 2019 Compensation & Benefits Survey Report is available. Questions? Contact Denise Amburgey.

Customized Salary Analysis Report

MSAE offers members a customized salary analysis report for any position in their organization.  Using association tools from different surveys we are able to give you what the current rate of compensation is needed to retain and hire the best person.  Information about benefits is also included. The information comes directly from association salary surveys,  giving you only information from the association market.

Contact Denise Amburgey to request a Customized Salary Analysis Report or to learn more.

Executive Search Service

Our approach is based on a philosophy that the strategic direction of the organization should guide the selection of its next leader.

MSAE conducts searches for Michigan-based groups and organizations throughout the country.  Our success rate is higher than any other Michigan placement company - demonstrated by continued employment of more than 90 percent of the executives placed in the over 40 organizations we have assisted in the past decade.

One of the most important responsibilities of the board of directors is the selection of the chief staff executive. This individual not only oversees the organization's scope of work but also sets the culture and determines the major decisions to keep moving the organization ahead.  It is essential that the selection process provide the next best leader for your organization. 

The MSAE Executive Search Service provides associations and other not-for-profit organizations with a true, holistic approach at the time of transition – the ability to hire the best person to move the organization toward its strategic direction.  Our success is built on understanding an organization’s vision and direction that drives the criteria for identifying a new leader and determining the necessary performance expectations.

The major element that MSAE provides is the knowledge of the association and not-for-profit sectors, their specific dynamics, and the players that make it successful.  Besides involving the right people at the right time, in order to assure future cohesion, we guide the committee with the issues they need to discuss to prioritize the skills, experiences, and perspectives needed of its next executive.

Let us help you by bringing the key considerations you need to make to the forefront.  Though our process, we will do the work to set up the decisions you need to make. 

Interim Executive Director Service

MSAE can help you locate an interim director for your organization, either as part of the executive search, or as a stand-alone service. We maintain a list of possible directors and can set up interviews for immediate service. 

To learn more about any of our services, to request a proposal, or to set up a consultation, contact Larry Merrill, CAE

Human Resources Professional Services

People Matters, LLC, will lead the search for your staffing needs beyond the chief staff executive.  

As with the executive search service, finding the right person for your organization is the major goal.  MSAE supports the search with knowledge of the association sector and its specific dynamics to create search parameters needed to find that right person.
Jodi Wehling is the managing consultant and owner of People Matters, LLC.  She has over 24 years of human resources operations and leadership experiences.  Examples of services include creation of an employee handbook, presentations to staff on HR topics, completing a succession plan, writing job descriptions and other needs that you or your members may have. 

Get started today by contacting Denise Amburgey.

Executive Search Service Team

Larry Merrill, CAE
President & CEO, MSAE

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Association Industry Advocate, MSAE

Staff Hiring Team
Jodi Wehling

Jodi Wehling
Owner, People Matters, LLC

Denise Amburgey

Denise Amburgey

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We are the association for associations  in Michigan! Our mission is to ensure a knowledgeable, professional and successful association community. 

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