Compensation & Benefits Survey Report

Check your bookshelf - do you have the 2019 MSAE Compensation & Benefits Survey Report? If the answer is no, you are missing out on a valuable resource. With the report, you can find out if your compensation and benefits package is competitive enough to attract and keep the top talent in Michigan. 

The survey is an important tool to aid your compliance with part VI of IRS Form 990.

The report is compiled on a bi-annual basis and features both Michigan and national data to benchmark your association against. 

MSAE 2019 Compensation & Benefits Survey Report covers:

Relevant data that can be used in making salary and benefit recommendations.
Provides compensation information for CEO/Executive Directors and by functional area including: research, marketing, communications, membership, meetings/conventions, government relations, and more.
Offers comparisons based on salaries, budget sizes, staff size, and membership size.
Includes the most current, state-level data specific to Michigan with supplemental, national data also provided.
 National comparisons provided by over 800 participating associations located across 30 states.
Retirement, insurance and health benefit information, including staff and CEO/Executive Director data.
Summaries on contract conditions, maternity/paternity leave, staff professional development, and more.

Member Pricing

The 2019 Compensation & Benefits Survey Report is available for purchase at the following rates:

Member Pricing:
Participants | $175
Nonparticipants | $225

Nonmember Pricing

The 2019 Compensation & Benefits Survey Report is available for purchase at the following rates:

Nonmember Pricing:
Participants | $325
Nonparticipants | $375

Taxes and Fees

All rates will also be charged a $10.00 shipping fee and a Michigan sales tax (6%) unless an exemption letter is provided.


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