Board/Volunteer Development

Strengthen Your Board and Volunteer Force

Board and volunteers change regularly in the association world. MSAE is positioned to assist you with the information and connections you need to assure your board’s success.

Group & Individual Insurance Products

MSAE has joined forces with The Centennial Group to provide a full menu of health care benefits for all our members. From individual plans to group health care, The Centennial Group is our one-stop shop for all your benefit needs!

In addition, members will also gain access to HRconnections®, a virtual employee benefits expert. It provides access to an easy-to-use portal that delivers customized company and benefits information to employees in one secure place.  

Preferred Future

Think Like a Futurist. With MSAE’s guidance, your members can investigate strategic influences on their future. Then with a group of thought leaders, forecast how the association can position itself to be THE resource to members.  From there, MSAE outlines a Preferred Future that the organization’s staff and volunteers can build.  This technique can be very liberating for a group of stakeholders who are charged with setting the course for an organization.

Cost: $1,500 (One day session and report)
Additional Information: View MSAE’s Preferred Future Outline 

To learn more, request a proposal or set up a consultation with Kelly Turner, CAE or call 517-332-6723.

Personalized Board Orientation or Development

Is it time for your Board to have a refresher on the role of the Board?

MSAE offers tailored programs on “What makes a high-performing Board?”

To learn more request a proposal or set up a consultation with Kelly Turner, CAE or call 517-332-6723.

Extraordinary Board Training

MSAE and Association of Management Resources (AMR) combined forces to develop training for volunteer board members and their officers regarding association governance.  Throughout this interactive training, novice or seasoned board members learn the difference between governing and managing, how to work in partnership with chief staff executives, tools to orchestrate discussion on tough issues and handle difficult situations and so much more. 

To learn more request a proposal or set up a consultation with Kelly Turner, CAE or call 517-332-6723.

About Our Company

We are the association for associations  in Michigan! Our mission is to ensure a knowledgeable, professional and successful association community. 

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