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Ensure Quality Professional Development

Our education sessions are taught so that each participant leaves with a better understanding on the topic and knows how to make the changes necessary to ensure a successful product or service. View the Education Catalog below to identify the courses that will most benefit you and your team. 

Upcoming Education Programs

View a listing of all upcoming educational programs. When available, the listings will include detailed agendas, speaker information, locations times and more for each educational program.

This listing is updated on a regular basis.

Team Building

Having a highly effective team is essential for the success of any operation. Contact MSAE for help with: 
+ Training programs with tested consultants and team building activities.
+ The Professional Dynametrics Program (PDP). It examines dominance, extroversion, pace, conformity, logic and energy, allowing for self-examination and team exploration. We have a license for this product making it affordable.

2017 - 2018 Education Catalog

The Board approved a budget that rightsized MSAE for the future and positions the organization to have a successful change in CEO leadership coming Fall of 2018. As a result, MSAE determined which programs to sunset and which to expand. In the upcoming months we will slowly roll out the following:

  • - Offer four key events, all reinvented for member experience enhancement:
      • ORGPRO Annual Convention
      • Operations Conference (Winter)
      • Legislative & Public Policy Conference
      • Member Engagement Conference (Fall)
  • - Focus on programs specific to the association sector and member needs.
  • - Expand the use of Third Thought® - the online self-assessment and model documents library and podcasts for more "just-in-time"
      curriculum and resources
  • - Enhance the Government Affairs Academy
  • - Evolve the Law Symposium into a legal resource response with live and recorded webinars as legal issues emerge
  • - Redesign the fall Thanksgiving Brunch to a Lansing based program and a tech trade show
  • - Redesign Awards to a Winter/Spring event in collaboration with a Detroit based education day
  • - Integrate the CAE Summit into the Annual Convention
  • - Expand communities of practice and use the ideas generated in the COPs to create programming for the Annual Convention and the
  • - Recognize resource obsolesce by de-emphasizing the existing “hard copy” library by moving all possible association resources onto
      Third Thought.
    - Offer more webinars and online communities of practice 

Our new education catalog will be released in Winter 2018. It will help you identify the courses that will most benefit you and your team. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Maryanne Greketis, CMP or call 517-332-6723.

Scholarships are available for most educational offerings.  Click here to view the application.

In-Service Training

MSAE offers customized in-service training for your association.  When you have a need for any training for your association, MSAE can create and provide it for you. Just call the office at 517-332-6723.



Third Thought® Association Leader Development Model – Self Assessment

We put the learner in the driver’s seat, allowing you to chart your own course and choose content that fits your needs, learning style, time constraints and budget. Through an online self-assessment you will understand the gaps between your current level of knowledge and what you need to know to be master the 3 facets needed to be successful in this profession:  Personal Awareness, Association Knowledge, and Industry Understanding.  The completion of the self-assessment allows the you  to  develop your own professional development or learning plan.

About Our Company

We are the association for associations  in Michigan! Our mission is to ensure a knowledgeable, professional and successful association community. 

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