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Educational Programs

Associations serve as the collective voice for the industry or profession they represent. As leaders in their field they conduct and support research, set guideline standards, and establish new and best practices.

Existing to assure a professional, knowledgeable, and successful association community - MSAE offers  programming dedicated  to government relations professionals.


Proven industry specialists such as strategic planning facilitators, research analysts, lobbying and public relations firms, and law firms regularly serve as speakers and moderators for MSAE educational programs. 

They also contribute to the MSAE Blog.


One of the principle roles of associations is to stand in the shoes of its members as an advocate before the regulatory, legislative, and judicial branches of government. 

MSAE engages in advocacy on issues relevant to the association community as a member-benefit.

Educational Programs

Legislative & Public Policy Conference

The annual Legislative and Public Policy Conference is a can’t miss event for association executives, lobbyists, association board members, government relations professionals and public policy wonks. The Legislative and Public Policy Conference provides a balanced and provocative discussion on legislation and regulations impacting associations.


Government Relations and Public Policy 

(Academy of Association Management Session)

The Government Relations and Public Policy session is included as a curriculum item of the Academy of Association Management. It is the only statewide educational program specifically designed for association professionals who want to broaden their understanding of association management. This session helps association professionals navigate the public policy arena to become an effective advocate for your association.

The session may be purchased as part of the Academy of Association Management or as a single session. Review the required reading and sign-up today!

About Our Company

We are the association for associations  in Michigan! Our mission is to ensure a knowledgeable, professional and successful association community. 


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