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Michigan Society of Association Executives Seeks New President & CEO 

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The Michigan Society of Association Executives (MSAE), located in East Lansing, MI is conducting a search for its next President & CEO. MSAE seeks an experienced and passionate association leader and visionary thinker to offer a fresh perspective in its next President & CEO.

About MSAE

MSAE exists to ensure a knowledgeable, professional, and successful association community. With a revenue budget of just under $1 million and a staff of 5.5, MSAE is the host of the most successful nationwide CAE preparation program. MSAE’s board, in partnership with the new executive, will seek to solidify the association for a strong future. MSAE is governed by a board of directors of 16 members.

About the Position/Role

The President & CEO is primarily responsible to carry out the strategic plans and policies as established by the board of directors. The position leads a team of 5.5 FTE positions that work with the over 1,950 members in a focused manner to provide membership experiences that escalate members from just belonging to being engaged, contributing and investing in the organization. The President & CEO is an ex-officio member of the Board and Executive Committee. Given the current state of MSAE, the next executive will need to discover and analyze all features, programs, and services of the association while conducting short and long term planning. The role is best suited for someone multi-talented who can balance the need to roll up one’s sleeves on operational tasks but also work with the board to set a strategic direction.

Challenges and Key Opportunities

The new CEO will join the organization during a time of significant change and reflection.  Despite the success of the CAE educational program, the organization has faced some challenges in growing its other programs and services.  The opportunity this provides is a chance to effect transformational change at a time when the organization is most open to discontinuing the status quo. 

Desired Qualifications and Traits

Strong leadership competencies in all three areas of leading the organization, leading others and leading oneself are essential.  This visionary leader should be able to inspire others and communicate effectively.  The organization favors experience reporting to and working with a Board of Directors. 

Knowledge Areas

· Strategic management: including organizational development, financial management systems, and processes, critical collaboration, as well as strategic thinking and planning.

· Association governance and culture: including related structures, systems, and documents, as well as volunteer leadership development.

· Membership development: including member recruitment, retention, and engagement.

· Non-dues revenue programs and delivery models: including products, services, fundraising, sponsorships, education, events, and affinity programs.

· Association administration: including human resources, finance and budgeting, technology, risk management, facilities, and supplier management, as well as business planning.

· Public policy and coalition building.

· Marketing, public relations, and communications.

· Knowledge management: including evaluation; utilization and analysis of data; and system design.  



Drive for Results

· Achievement: The drive and actions to set challenging goals and reach a high standard of performance despite barriers.

· Initiative and Persistence: The drive and actions to do more than is expected or required in order to accomplish a challenging task.

· Financial acumen: The understanding of sound financial practices and budgeting as a basis to turn data into insight and use that in negotiating, decision-making, collaborating or partnering.  Monitoring and Directiveness: The ability to set clear expectations and to hold others accountable.

· Planning Ahead: A bias toward planning to derive benefits or avoid problems.


Influence for Results

· Impact and Influence: To act with the purpose of affecting the perceptions, thinking, and actions of others.

· Team Leadership: To assume the authoritative leadership of a group to benefit the organization.

· Developing Others: To influence with the specific intent to increase the short- and long-term effectiveness of another person.

· Trust building:  An ability to demonstrate reliability and consistency with others with a genuine interest in their success to earn their trust.

· Communications and PR: To effectively promote an organization, and advocate for the mission and work of the organization.


· Analytical Thinking: The ability to break things down in a logical way and to recognize cause and effect.

· Conceptual Thinking: The ability to see patterns among seemingly unrelated things.

· Curiosity: A style that is inquisitive and ask questions

Confidence to Lead

· Self-Confidence: A personal belief in one’s ability to accomplish tasks and the actions that reflect that belief.

· Collaborative:  The ability to build trusting, collaborative relationships with staff, peers, board members, members, suppliers, and legislators.

· Partnership: To share joint responsibility with the board for developing and maintaining a strong working relationship and a system for sharing information that enables the board to effectively carry out its governance role.

Requirements, Compensation and Application

An undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university is required. An advanced degree is preferred.

Seven years of senior-level association management experience required with preference given for service as a Chief Staff Officer of an organization.

Demonstration of continuing professional education such as the CAE is highly desirable.

Professional travel required.

Total compensation package: $120,000 - 150,000, commensurate with experience.  

MSAE has an assertive timeline to keep the search process moving in hopes of the new executive starting early January 2020. 

Interested candidates should complete this online form and email their well-written cover letter outlining how their experience fits this position and resume by October 31st to

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