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Membership Rates


No matter what your role or experience is within the association industry, MSAE is here to help you develop as a professional, improve your leadership skills and expand your knowledge base. MSAE’s dues year is October 1 through September 30. Active Individual Memberships stay with the individual should they leave their position. Organizational and Allied Supplier Partner Memberships stay with the association/company.

Dues are based on the number of staff that are full time director-level and above (including CSES), and grants full membership benefits to the entire staff.

Association Size (CSE plus the following:)
2 Directors
3 Directors
4-5 Directors
6-12 Directors
13+ Directors


To determine your dues:
  • Include those that report directly to the Chief Staff Executive and have full responsibility for managing a department of the organization. Directors responsible only for industry-specific expertise should not be counted.
  • For a staff of 4 or fewer with 70% or more at the director-level, divide the number of directors in half to determine your dues, i.e., staff of 4 with 3 directors = 75% directors. 3 ÷ 2 =1.5; then you would report 1 director (round down)
  • For a staff of 5 or greater with 50% or more at the director-level, divide the number of directors in half to determine your dues, i.e. staff of 12 with 8 directors = 67% directors. 8 ÷ 2 = 4; then you would report 4 directors.

This year you can retain your individual membership with MSAE. See the table below for the different types of individual membership.




Suppliers of goods and services to non-profit organizations. Includes two representatives.

2nd Representative
3rd Representative


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