Breakout Sessions

What Does It take to be a Successful Association Professional?

It takes knowledge, perspectives and connections in key areas:

  • Member Engagement 
  • The commitment toward members and partners to maintain strong relations and interactions that are valuable and open

  • Member Advancement 
  • Assisting members and partners in growth and development through education and opportunities of involvement 

  • Member Services 
  • Being a resource to members and suppliers who need assistance in their effort to develop and serve 

  • Association Support 
  • Maintaining a connection between members and suppliers that will encourage good business relations 

This year's ORGPRO has been organized by these areas to broaden your understanding of association management.  We encourage you to try different categories.

You will also have the choice to follow your specialty or diversify your knowledge base by attending a session outside of your field of practice.Take control of your professional development and the impact you can have at your organization. 

Breakout Sessions by Time

Earn Continuing Education Credit

Certified Association Executive (CAE) | Wednesday: 5.25 CEUs | Thursday: 5.25 CEUs

To sit for the CAE exam, applicants must complete 100 hours of continuing education related to the 9 domains of nonprofit management within 5 years and 40 hours in the past 3 years to recertify. Attendees may earn up to 10.5 hours for the full conference. An additional 4 hours may be added to both by attending the EduTour.


Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) Wednesday: 5.25 CEs Under Review | Thursday: 5.25 CEs Under Review
To sit for the CMP exam or recertify, applicants must complete 25 hours of continuing education related to the 9 domains in the EIC International Standards over the past 5 years. Attendees may earn up to 10.5 hours* (*submitted for approval by the EIC) for the full conference. An additional 4 hours may be added to both by attending the EduTour.

Government Meeting Specialist (GMS)
Government Meeting Specialist is a national SGMP program recommended for all planners and suppliers seeking the knowledge needed to carry out functions of a meeting professional. Visit for more information.


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