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We Put the Learner in the Driver’s Seat

From webinars to online education series, we the have options to provide you with on-demand professional development to fit your needs.  

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Online Learning Opportunities

About the Webinars

We have expanded our educational offerings to include a variety of webinars to meet your professional development needs. In addition to producing webinars customized to cover our members' education requests, we have partnered with SeminarWeb to provide more. 

This online education partnership with 22 other SAEs across the country allows MSAE members to have convenient access to the most relevant topics and speakers from across the country. With two live webinars a month and more than 70 self-study courses available, it’s never been easier for our members to train staff, increase their knowledge, earn CAE (for live webinars) and CMP hours and preview potential speakers for their own events.

Get started by reviewing the upcoming live webinars or the available on-demand programs

Please note, you must register through the E-Learning site provided by SeminarWeb to access any of these programs. MSAE staff does not administer these webinars.

Invest in your team with our numerous professional development programs.

About Our Company

We are the association for associations  in Michigan! Our mission is to ensure a knowledgeable, professional and successful association community. 


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