Let Us Take 2021 by Storm - Together

By Donna Oser posted 12-11-2020 00:00


I'll never forget the moment I fell in love with associations. I was 28 years old, had made the career change to associations just four months prior, and I was standing in the back of the room as our conference's opening general session was about to begin. The experience was new to me. The sound of nearly a thousand people greeting one another, chatting, and laughing nearly drowned out the music that was thrumming through the hall. The room was electric with energy as the Chairman approached the podium, and I felt goosebumps form down my arms. Thunderous applause and cheers arose from the crowd when the Chairman called the meeting to order. And I was transfixed. This was the power of association. There is nothing in the world quite like serving, connecting, learning, and sharing (the good times and the bad) with like-minded souls.

As association leaders yourselves, you know first-hand the transformative power of being part of a community and the value of association. Associations connect people, advance careers, elevate industries, and create both better policy and a better world.  

And so I hope you will consider this your personal invitation to join - or rejoin - MSAE. You are wanted and needed here. Our promise to you is this - 

  • Rich opportunities for connection and collaboration
  • Timely and relevant resources and information
  • Engaging experiences that will inform and inspire
  • Career and personal development

MSAE aspires to be your community, the place you come to for connection, information, and inspiration. Let us step forward into 2021 as a community, galvanized and well-prepared to strengthen our industries, rebuild Michigan's economy, and chart a course for a bright and prosperous future. Together.