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By Donna Oser posted 01-20-2021 21:24

Row of colored houses
Welcome to MSAE's new look, new website, and new online community! Join me for the nickel tour, will you? I think you'll be glad you did! 

New look
MSAE has a remarkable history, but it's time to freshen things up a bit! We've traded in the diamond shape, navy color, and serif font for a cleaner, leaner look that lends itself well to the digital medium. You'll recognize us now in electric blue and black with yellow highlights and that distinctive diagonal line that emphasizes the 's' in society. 

Log in
With a single login, users are able to register for MSAE events, participate in discussions in the virtual communities, manage memberships and expand career networks. Your first login will require a new password, but that single 'key' will get you into all of the spaces in MSAE's new virtual home. If such things frustrate you, call or email us! We'll get it set up for you! 

Open Floor Plan
From the moment you enter our landing page, you'll know what's happening and be able to easily checkout activities that are happening in the space. Discussions, directories, events, the resource library, MSAE's publications...all of this and so much more is just a click away!

The Community is a community of communities! Chances are, you're already a member of the main community. It features a membership directory and robust discussion board for sharing ideas and asking questions. You may want to jump right in and post a question for your peers, or maybe you'd rather join one of the Shared Interest Groups (SIGs). You'll be able to control what information people see about you and how you'd like to receive communications from the community. (Following someone else's thread? Select weekly digest! Posted your own question? Real-time emails are the way to go!)

Online Resource Library
Association professionals LOVE samples and building on the ideas of others. Here's your chance to pay it forward
and make your life (at least a little) easier! The Resource Library is the place to share samples, documents, hyperlinks, slide decks - all kinds of useful items. MSAE board members have shared a few items to get things rolling, but we'll be counting on you to help your colleagues by sharing and rating library items. 

Buyer's Guide
Are you looking for some help with a project? Or maybe you need to get an RFP out? No problem! The Buyer's Guide will allow you to identify businesses by category and connect you with MSAE business partners. Companies that join MSAE understand associations and want to be a part of your success!

Whew! Enough already! (There's nothing worse than getting stuck in a long-winded conversation about a renovation, right?) Please look around a bit and make yourself at home! We are glad you're here! You may find some construction dust tucked away here and there but, make no mistake about it, this site was designed to help you connect, collaborate and get more value for your MSAE membership! We'll share more with you in the weeks to come. In the meanwhile, let us know if you need help accessing the community or finding your way around. 

P.S. The system keeps track of all activity, so helpful members will be duly appreciated and recognized!! (Overachievers are welcome!) 



Photo by Jeffrey Czum from Pexels