Creating Amazing Member Journeys

By Donna Oser posted 02-06-2021 08:25


Computer screen with plants in background
Think about it: these days, most of a member's experience with our associations occurs online!
But what is the quality of that experience? How can we ensure that our members have excellent experiences while navigating the various platforms used by our associations? The next session in MSAE's Thought Leader Webinar Series addresses this critical topic. 

Joanna Pineda, CEO & Chief Troublemaker at Matrix Group International, Inc., will do a deep dive into how associations can create intentional and positive customer journeys online. Participants will learn:

  • How to identify the most important journeys your members and customers make 
  • How to map these journeys as members and customers traverse the various digital platforms associations use (website, AMS, LMS, community, etc.) 
  • How to work with vendors to make these journeys better without investing in costly custom development
  • Easy things you can do to make these journeys better, including design hacks and link strategies
The Thought Leader Webinar is MSAE's 'small-batch' webinar series, providing association leaders the opportunity to explore key issues in a more intimate virtual setting. The 90-minute sessions have a smaller audience and ample time to ask questions and discuss the practical application of the material shared. How to Create Intentional & Amazing Online Member Journeys is on February 24, 2021, from 10-11:30 AM EST. Joanna assures us that she'll share examples and case studies so we can get the most out of her session. To register, log in or ask MSAE to register you

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels