Ongoing Office Closures and Uncertainty

By Donna Oser posted 27 days ago


This week the Governor's administration extended the emergency rules requiring employers to continue implementing policies that require remote work for employees where remote work is feasible. In addition to further dampening the economy, ongoing work-from-home requirements have many association leaders concerned about its effect on related issues.

The Expectation of Work-from-Home

With each passing week working from home, employees become more reticent to return to the office, and their expectations about long-term flex scheduling and remote work grow. Leaders worry about the negative impact these realities have on organizational culture, organic innovation, data security, and long-term productivity. No one solution will address all of these issues, but culture is a great starting point. Check out Propel's Action Documents to reinvigorate your culture-building efforts. 

The Impact on In-Person Meetings

As the summer conference season looms large on the horizon, association leaders wonder what impact this extension has on returning to in-person meetings. Will the administration begin to ease restrictions as soon as the current COVID spike subsides? Will the duration of this (reportedly) variant-related spike mirror the three-week surge Europe experienced? How soon after offices begin to open will corporate travel (and conference attendance) resume? Prolonged uncertainty has taken a heavy toll on even the most financially secure association. 

Association leaders can fend off frustration by laying the groundwork for future success. A new report by Ricochet, Bruce Rosenthal & Associates, and HPN Global lays out six potential levers for recovery related to in-person conferences. The report is based on a large survey of association members and meeting attendees. It offers a deeper understanding of the diverse factors that individuals weigh when making conference attendance decisions, trends among employer reimbursement and travel policies, and more.

Take a Few Minutes for Yourself

Association professionals have done remarkable work throughout this pandemic. I have no doubt that we'll work through these issues and new ones that emerge along the way. Remember to take time for yourself. When is the last time you did absolutely nothing for 10 whole minutes? Not texting, talking or even thinking? Mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe describes the transformative power of doing just that in this short video - it might be just what you need to unplug.