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One of the most important responsibilities of the board of directors is the selection of the chief staff executive. This individual not only oversees the organization's scope of work but also sets the culture and determines the major decisions to keep moving the organization ahead. It is essential that the selection process provide the next best leader for your organization.

The MSAE Executive Search Service provides associations with a true, holistic approach at the time of transition – the ability to hire the best person to move the organization toward its strategic direction. Our success is built on understanding the unique vision and purpose of each association, engaging stakeholders meaningfully in the transition, and helping the board to establish the necessary performance expectations and selection criteria.

The major element that MSAE provides is the knowledge of associations, their specific dynamics, and the players that make them successful. Besides involving the right people at the right time, in order to assure future cohesion, we guide the committee with the issues they need to discuss to prioritize the skills, experiences, and perspectives needed of its next executive.

Let us help you by facilitating a comprehensive search that attracts top tier candidates and empowers the board to choose a leader who will lead your association into the future. 

Interim Executive Director Service

MSAE can help you locate an interim director for your organization, either as part of the executive search, or as a stand-alone service. We maintain a list of possible directors and can set up interviews for immediate service.

Let MSAE help you find your next great leader

To learn more about any of our services, to request a proposal, or to set up a consultation, contact Donna Oser, CAE.