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MSAE is pleased to provide a cutting edge tool to assist associations with attracting and retaining top talent! In partnership with the Association Societies Alliance (ASA) and Dynamic Benchmarking, LLC, MSAE is offering access to an online, real-time compensation survey and benchmarking platform for executives of professional, trade, and service-centric associations and nonprofits. The new data gathering and reporting platform is the next evolution of MSAE's Compensation & Benefits Survey.

Access real-time data 365/24/7 with a competitively-priced annual subscription of $149 for participating members. Nonmembers pay $249 and nonparticipants pay $299.

Gain access to the only 24/7/365 online compensation benchmarking tool designed exclusively for
executives of professional, trade, and service-centric associations/nonprofits.

  1. Sign-up to participate at this link: (For SAE Affiliation, choose Michigan Society of Association Executives!)

  2. Complete the survey with your association's data. NOTE: In order to access reports, all required questions must be answered and a minimum of 50% of the survey questions must be completed.

  3. Return to the site ( any time to run customizable benchmarking reports. (Bonus: Reports are downloadable in a variety of formats, including PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word!)

Evaluate valuable KPI's, including salaries, benefits, positions/departments, and more!

Generate customized reports to inform decisions and keep your organization competitive

Compare your organization's key operational metrics to others across the industry