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MSAE's Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) Prep Courses offer in-depth learning experiences that align with the current CMP International Standards developed by the Events Industry Council (EIC). The 5 month interactive courses are led by a core group of facilitators and content specialists. 

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CMP Prep Course Now Offered In-Person & Virtual Twice a Year!

For over a decade, MSAE has successfully helped Michiganders achieve their CMP designation through a classroom setting and more recently with distant and out of state candidates with our virtual course. Starting in the Fall of 2019, we are combining these to offer classes in an in-person/virtual classroom setting. The curriculum will be consistent with the CMP International Standards (CMP-IS) knowledge base domains, which identify major content areas that compose the exam. The nine domains identify major content areas that compose the examination. If you prefer an in-person setting or are a virtual learner, MSAE now offers options twice a year to give you the tools needed to assist you be successful in your professional development goals. 


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What is the CMP?

The Events Industry Council (EIC) launched the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) program in 1985 to enhance the knowledge and performance of meeting professionals, promote the status and credibility of the meeting profession and advance uniform standards of practice. Today, the CMP credential is recognized globally as the badge of excellence in the meeting, convention, exhibition, and event industry. The qualifications for certification are based on professional experience, education and a rigorous exam.

Benefits of Becoming

Recognition: As the premier industry certification, the CMP distinguishes holders as career professionals who have demonstrated a high level of experience, skill and knowledge.

Competitive Advantage: The designation conveys credibility to a meeting professionals opinions and ideas, both at work and in the greater meetings, conventions and exhibitions industry. 

Peer Acceptance: CMPs are immediately recognized by other CMPs as fellow professionals committed to the advancement of the profession.

Read more benefits for earning the CMP Designation.

Requirements to 

Take the Exam

You must document both your experience and your education on the application before you are eligible to take the exam. Please refer to the EIC Handbook for guidelines.

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