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Associations are relationship-based organizations. Collectively they represent just about every industry you can think of. MSAE is the association for associations. Doing business with MSAE allows you to connect your goods, service, or destination with decision-makers and key influencers throughout the state. Our publications and communications provide exceptional visibility to a qualified audience - who may also share your product with their members and colleagues! Let us help you build your brand and your relationships with new and existing customers!

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Association IMPACT Quarterly Print Magazine

MSAE's flagship publication, Association Impact, is published quarterly and distributed to MSAE members in leadership positions throughout the state and nation. Each edition of Impact delivers actionable information on the core aspects of association management, thoughtful perspectives from Michigan association leaders and tips for staying well while leading. 

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2022 Advertising Deadlines:

  • Issue #1 - Thursday, June 9
  • Issue #2 - Thursday, August 11
  • Issue #3 - Thursday, November 10

The issue is expected to be released roughly one month after advertising deadline.

1 Issue 2 Issues 3 Issues 4 Issues
Quarter Page

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Half Page

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Full Page

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Front or Back Inside Cover

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Back Cover

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Association Update (weekly e-newsletter) 

This is an economical and effective avenue for getting your brand in front of customers and prospects! MSAE's Association Update is published weekly and delivered to the email inboxes of association professionals and industry supporters throughout Michigan. It features the latest happenings in Michigan's association community, select insights from subject matter experts, job postings, and more!

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The Update is distributed to more than 3,000 contacts and delivers exceptional visibility with open rates of 25-35% - far superior to the industry average of 16! Buy more and save!

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Standard Placement 

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Classified Ads  - Classified ads can be job postings, office space rental notices, special discounts, or other promotional information.
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Non-Member Rate $150      

The Update is sent every Thursday excluding major holidays. Special holiday editions may be created upon request at a higher rate. Artwork is due by noon on the Monday before Thursday's distribution. Three advertising spots are available each week on a first-come first-served basis.

Preferred Format
Ads must be 800 x 150 pixels, static JPG or PNG images.

A web address (URL) that the ad should link to should be included with artwork submission.

Billing Information

Members who advertise in Update will be sent an invoice once the newsletter has been published. Text should be sent to MSAE by noon on Monday before the Thursday you would like the classified ad to run.

Executive Brief (monthly e-newsletter) 

MSAE's Executive Brief is an e-newsletter published monthly and delivered to the email inboxes of association CEOs and Executive Directors. 

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Premium Placement

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All ads sold for 2022

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All ads sold for 2022

The Executive Brief is sent on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Artwork is due by noon on the Friday before Tuesday's distribution. There is one advertising spot available each month on a first-come first-served basis.

Preferred Format
Ads must be 600 x 150 pixels, static JPG or PNG images. The maximum file size accepted is 40k.

A web address (URL) that the ad should link to should be included with artwork submission.

MSAE-Website.pngMSAE Website

Advertising on MSAE's website and member community is a powerful way to get your brand in front of association decision-makers. The site features a fully integrated online Community, Buyer's Guide, Member Directory, and Resource Library. The robust blog and weekly Association Update are already driving nearly 1,000 unique users to the site per month. 

MSAE's online community provides unique opportunities to connect your brand to specific, qualified audiences. The Community Platform allows for advertisements to be connected to the discussion threads of each sub-community. Restricted to a single ad per subcommunity, each ad appears next to every post in the community, as well as the email recap each week. The repetitive effect ensures strong brand identification with the audience targeted. 

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Placement 1 month 3 months 6 months
Website Banner
Member $600 $1,650 $3,150
Non-Member $700 $1,950 $3,750
Side Skyscraper
Member $300 $750 $1,350
Non-Member  $400 $1,050 $1,950

Placement 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 1 month
MSAE Community Discussion Ad
Member $250 $480 $705 $920
Non-Member $350 $680 $1,005 $1,320

Preferred Format
Static JPG or PNG images are required. Ads that contain Flash will not be accepted. 

Image Resolution
All digital ads can be saved at a resolution of 72 dpi and must be in RGB format.

A web address (URL) to which the ad should link must be included with artwork submission.

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