Programs & Education


Emerging New Leader Award

This award represents the highest honor for a new association staff leader. The Emerging New Leader award symbolizes exceptional contributions to the association industry and the promise of future accomplishments within the association management profession. The award also signifies distinguished service to MSAE and other professional organizations as well as the pursuit of continued professional development, and participation in community and civic affairs.


The nominee must be a member of MSAE and previously recognized as a Rising Leader.

Strategic Association Leader Award

This award is given to an individual who has demonstrated the ability and commitment to going beyond the expected standards of service and professionalism. The award reflects outstanding leadership and achievement in association management. Strategic association leaders serve MSAE and encourage their staff to participate in the association community; contribute to other voluntary membership organizations; and participate in various civic and community affairs.


The nominee for this award must have been employed as full-time paid staff of an association for a minimum of three years at the time of nomination. The nominee must be a member of MSAE.

Supplier Partner Award

This award will be presented to a supplier partner in recognition of the individual’s exemplary service and support to the association/not-for-profit profession and to MSAE.


The nominee for this award must be an allied member of MSAE for a minimum of three years.

Individual Award Requirements

It is the responsibility of the nominator to compile a package as complete and comprehensive as possible to demonstrate the qualifications and credentials of the nominee, including:

  1. A copy of the nominee’s resume or vitae with cover letter summarizing why the nominee should receive this recognition as well as the nominee’s leadership and accomplishments in the association management profession.

  2. Supporting materials describing:
    1. Service to MSAE.
    2. Outstanding career leadership and achievements in current and/or past association or organization.
    3. Contributions to other voluntary membership organizations.
    4. Participation in civic and community affairs.

  3. A high-resolution (300dpi) photo taken within the past three years, at least 3 inches wide and submitted on a CD or flash drive in .TIF, .EPS or .JPG format.

  4. One or more letters of recommendation.