Could Chapters be a Competitive Edge?



What do you know about chapters? Otherwise known as sections, states, clubs, locals, or affiliates, chapters are components of associations that act as a critical presence and connection to members. Closer to members geographically, chapters - when effective - improve member satisfaction, expand revenue opportunities, and amplify an association's reach with regard to marketing and advocacy. 

If you lead a chapter, have chapters, or are considering chapters, you may wonder how they measure up. Your understanding of the trends, standard practices, and efficacy could make a significant difference. Mariner Management, Billhighway, and Whorton Marketing & Research have teamed up to conduct comprehensive chapter research and benchmarking. This project could provide key answers for you - but only if you participate. 

There are three ways to participate:

  • Association Staff survey for those working directly with geographic components:
  • CEO survey to focus on the high-level strategy of why have chapters
  • Chapter Leader survey where your association can get intel directly from your volunteers: reply on the Association Staff survey 

The surveys close tomorrow so don't wait to respond. Ten minutes spent completing the survey today could lead to informed strategy and more effective tactics tomorrow.   

Image from Pexel