RFP for Association Services

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The Michigan Society of Association Executives is requesting proposals for association services.  

About the Opportunity

This is a unique opportunity to take on a high-profile client and also be an essential partner in its turnaround. This search is prompted by the need to add/reinstate organizational capacity after having operated with minimal staffing throughout the COVID crisis. We anticipate a three-year arrangement that encompasses services for all aspects of the association with the exception of the role of the chief staff executive. We expect that our new partner will provide services while actively seeking new and innovative ways to improve the association. The RFP provides an overview of the significant aspects of the services sought. The contract for services may begin as soon as is feasible.

 About the Process

Proposals will be evaluated by a 6-person committee comprised of current officers, a director-at-large, a member-at-large, and the President & CEO. The committee will select the winning company however the board of directors must approve the contract. Proposals will be held in the strictest confidence. The review process is as follows:

  • Proposals will not be shared with the full Board of Directors. Board members that have a conflict of interest may retain their board seats but will be recused from the entire process, including the meeting at which the contract is voted.
  • Committee members are not eligible to submit a proposal.
  • Committee members will not receive electronic copies of the proposals and will not be permitted to retain the paper copies.
  • Proposals will be reviewed in person by committee members at MSAE’s office; the proposals will remain on-premise.
  • Proposals will be scored on a 100-point scale that is outlined in the RFP.

Interested parties must complete this short questionnaire to access the RFP. Because of the scope, timing, and unique nature of MSAE’s request, the questionnaire is designed to end if it appears that there isn’t a good match at this time. Proposals are due by 5 PM ET on Friday 8/25/2021.