Diamond Awards

The Michigan Society of Association Executives is delighted to announce that we are now accepting submissions for the 2022 Diamond Awards including the association industry’s highest recognition - the prestigious Hall of Fame - as well as Individual Awards including Association Executive of the Year, Strategic Association Leader of the Year, Rising Leader of the Year, and Association Industry Partner of the Year. The awards are an opportunity to celebrate and honor exemplary achievements and leadership within the association industry. 

For questions about submitting an award, please contact Ken Root, Director of Membership & Engagement, at root@msae.org.

For questions about sponsoring the Diamond Awards Luncheon, please contact Nichole Fisher, Director of Development and Strategic Partnerships, at fisher@msae.org

Tuesday, September 27
1:00 PM

Hall of Fame Eligibility, Criteria and Submission Info

The Michigan Association Hall of Fame honors those individuals whose association career reflects remarkable achievement, demonstrated a commitment to advancing the profession of association management, made significant contributions and service to MSAE, and who have conducted themselves with professionalism and integrity among their peers. While there are many association executives whose leadership is deserving of recognition, the Board of Directors seeks to elevate the most exceptional association executives for this prestigious honor.

Michigan Association Hall of Fame inductees inspire individuals and students to consider careers in the association management profession and bring honor and recognition to the association industry. Individuals selected to be part of the Hall of Fame will join a distinguished group who exemplify the very best in association management.

How to Submit a Hall of Fame Nomination

  • Review eligibility information and criteria detailed below.
  • Download a copy of the submission form to help with the preparation of the nomination. This form is only to be used as a preparation tool - nominations must be submitted via SurveyMonkey.
  • Prepare and gather nomination materials.
  • Click the button below to remit the submission fee of $100.
  • Check your email for a confirmation email that includes the dedicated SurveyMonkey collector that must be used to submit the nomination.
  • Submit the nomination and related materials via the dedicated SurveyMonkey collector by 5:00 PM Friday, July 15, 2022.
  • Note that nominations selected for induction into the Hall of Fame will be charged a $150 induction fee.
Nominations for the 2022 year are closed.

To be considered for induction into the Michigan Association Hall of Fame, nominees must:
  • Be an MSAE member in good standing, with at least 5 years of membership; and
  • Have been employed for a minimum of 10 years by an association or associations registered in Michigan, or resided within Michigan while employed by an association or associations for a minimum of 10 years, or any combination thereof
Nominations for the Hall of Fame are evaluated on the following criteria, with each criterion scored on a 4-point scale:

1. Career Accomplishments (4pts)
This individual:
  • Is recognized as a prominent authority and leader in the industry(s) served; and/or
  • Played a key role in supporting industry relations by bringing people from all segments and related sectors together in a cooperative and beneficial way that helped advance the industry(s) served and/or the association sector, and/or
  • Is a visionary who created opportunities and identified avenues of expansion for the industry(s) served and/or the association sector; and/or
  • Demonstrated leadership skills in administrative and policy areas that helped advance industry or association sector objectives; and/or
  • Created or implemented a game-changing approach, process, or product

2. Commitment to Association Management (4pts)
This individual:
  • Engaged in career-long learning to remain abreast of laws, issues, trends and best practices impacting associations
  • Has been a steadfast association sector advocate to the state community, consumers, and/or the general public; and/or
  • Promoted awareness of the association sector’s many positive contributions to the state’s economy and quality of life; and/or
  • Mentored and/or educated future association leaders; and/or
  • Published media (paper or digital) that advanced the association sector; and/or
  • Provided significant support for association initiatives and programs

3. Service to MSAE (4pts)
This individual:
  • Served on MSAE's committees and/or board of directors; and/or
  • Demonstrated support for MSAE by participating in the Society’s events and learning programs; and/or
  • Enriched the MSAE community by instructing or presenting at the Society’s events and learning programs; and/or
  • Encouraged participation in MSAE’s programs, events, and learning opportunities

4. Professionalism (4pts)
This individual has an unimpeachable record of integrity and professionalism.

Hall of Fame Review Panel Hall of Fame Inductees will be selected by a Review Panel, comprised of two Hall of Fame inductees, two past chairman of MSAE, and the immediate past chairman of MSAE's Board of Directors, who will serve as the Review Panel Chair.
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