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An Association Laboratory

There is a sort of tension related to running an association that serves association professionals. Think about it: MSAE members do precisely what the society does. As such, you possess considerable expertise and your own professional preferences on the very services we are attempting to provide...

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Creating Amazing Member Journeys

Think about it: these days, most of a member's experience with our associations occurs online! But what is the quality of that experience? How can we ensure that our members have excellent experiences while navigating the various platforms used by our associations? The next session in MSAE's...

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No. 2 Executives, COOs, and Deputies SIG

The No. 2 Executives, COOs, and Deputies SIG deals with the myriad issues facing chief operating officers and No. 2 executives in associations. Topics relate to functional areas of associations and to the unique nature of being second in command. Pre-approval is required for participation in the...