The Association Salary Report

We are thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership between ASE and the Michigan Society of Association Executives that brings you a unique opportunity to participate in Michigan's most comprehensive annual compensation survey – the ASE Compensation Survey.


As leaders in our respective industries, we understand the importance of accurate and reliable wage and salary data – and we know that associations have to compete for talent across all sectors. That's why we have joined forces with this long-time member and expert in all things HR to enable associations to participate in this survey, representing the most extensive employer-reported data collection in the state.


How will Associations benefit from this Partnership? 
  1. Association leaders participating in the survey will receive ASE's full report, including salary data on nearly 500 job titles, at no charge.
  2. Association leaders can purchase The Association Salary Report featuring breakdowns by staff and budget size for $199 for members and $299 for nonmembers.
  3. Associations that purchase The Association Salary Report gain access to an invitation-only webinar outlining how association salaries compare in Michigan's talent market.


Why participate in the ASE Compensation Survey?
  • Robust Data Collection: Last year, over 300 companies reported on nearly 500 job titles, spanning more than 30 job families. Such a diverse and robust dataset accurately reflects the employment landscape.
  • Industry-Relevant Insights: The survey covers a wide range of job families, including those directly related to our industry. The Association Report delivers drilled-down, actionable data to inform your talent strategy.
  • Trusted Source: Hundreds of Michigan employers rely on The ASE Compensation Survey for its reliability and accuracy. Your input will contribute to maintaining the survey's reputation as a trusted source of compensation data and provide richer data for your association.


How to Participate:

In the next week or so, ASE will send you an invitation to participate with instructions on how to share your data. Your participation makes this survey a comprehensive and valuable resource for employers across Michigan - including associations.

If you do not receive an invitation by February 9 and would like to participate, email


Note: ASE's Full Compensation Report and the Association Salary Report will be available in late June, 2024. (Antitrust laws require a threshold of responses to report results and a 90-day delay in reporting.) Both reports will be distributed as electronic documents.