You're Invited to Speak at MSAE23

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A hallmark of MSAE's Annual Conference is the wealth of knowledge-sharing that occurs through presentations shared by our members and partners. To this end, you're invited to submit a proposal to speak at our 2023 Annual Conference scheduled for July 31-August 2, 2023, in Kalamazoo! This invitation extends to all association professionals and partners - from first-time to experienced presenters - as well as professional speakers and subject matter experts. 

What We're Looking For

We're looking for sessions that:

  • Explore a pertinent association-wide or specialty-specific issue 
  • Share a successful program or an effective system or practice 
  • Instill new or sharpen existing industry-related knowledge or skills 
  • Deliver tips, tools, or resources that improve outcomes or reduce workload, or
  • Inspire, motivate, or delight others!

MSAE conference attendees are association management professionals and industry partners. Attendees include CEO/Executive Directors, COOs, CIOs, Meetings Professionals, Government Relations, Membership and Marketing Managers, and staff specialists. Members attend to both improve their careers through professional development and to 'test-drive' speakers for their association meetings. This is your opportunity to showcase your presentation to colleagues and potential employers or clients.

Session Formats

The program for MSAE23 will be carefully designed with our attendees' unique learning styles in mind. Prospective speakers may want to consider dynamic session formats when submitting their session proposals:

  • Panel Sessions include a moderator and a maximum of three panelists who discuss a topic, practice, or situation. The moderator should manage the discussion, draw out interesting tidbits from the panelists and take questions from the audience. 
  • Presentations may include up to two speakers who directly address a topic accompanied by a slide deck to drive home key points. Presentations should allow ample opportunity for audience engagement. 
  • Facilitated roundtables are structured conversations that occur in small groups and are led by a facilitator. The facilitator sets the context for the discussion, ensures participant engagement, and manages the time.     
  • Case studies involve up to three speakers sharing a specific scenario or process, highlighting lessons learned, and encouraging audience members to participate in the analysis.  
  • Fishbowls will have 3-4 chairs arranged in an inner circle and additional chairs set in concentric circles outside the fishbowl. Participants are selected to fill the inner circle seats, leaving one chair empty. The moderator introduces the topic, and the inner circle participants start discussion. The audience outside the inner circle listens. Any audience member can, at any time, occupy the empty chair. When this happens, an existing member of the fishbowl must voluntarily leave the fishbowl and free a chair. The moderator should manage the discussion and time and encourage participation. 
  • Workshops focus on the resolution of a specific problem. A moderator (or two) begins the session by framing the problem to be solved. The moderator(s) then lead session participants by encouraging them to ask clarifying questions, identify contributing factors, and offer solutions. 
Submission Process

The MSAE Conference Planning Committee will review all information submitted. The submission deadline is March 10, 2023. Only speakers who submit their information through the online collector will be considered. All speakers will be notified of their selection status by May 2023.