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Associations are relationship-based organizations. Collectively, they represent just about every industry you can think of. MSAE is the association for associations. Doing business with MSAE allows you to connect your goods, service, or destination with decision-makers and key influencers throughout the state. Our publications and communications provide exceptional visibility to a qualified audience - who may also share your product with their members and colleagues! Let us help you build your brand and your relationships with new and existing customers!

Association IMPACT Quarterly Print Magazine

MSAE's flagship publication, Association Impact, is published quarterly and distributed to MSAE members in leadership positions throughout the state and nation. Each edition of Impact delivers actionable information on the core aspects of association management, thoughtful perspectives from Michigan association leaders, and tips for staying well while leading. 

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2022 Advertising Deadlines:

  • Issue #1 - Thursday, June 9
  • Issue #2 - Thursday, August 11
  • Issue #3 - Thursday, November 10

The issue is expected to be released roughly one month after the advertising deadline.

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