The Power of Association

Posted By: Donna Oser, CAE Blog, Industry,

When policymakers excluded the majority of associations from the first rounds of COVID relief, association leaders were appalled by the mischaracterizations many people believed about associations and the work we do. As a result, some 9,000 associations rallied to help Congress understand how associations support the US economy and society as a whole. Congress, in turn, allowed most associations to access critically needed financial relief. However, our call to action did not end when relief funding was granted. 

The Power of Associations

The situation illustrates how important it is that association leaders have an ongoing responsibility to educate policymakers and the general public about the essential role associations play. Collectively, associations:

  • Employ over 200,000 people nationwide
  • Are the primary source of post-college training and education i
  • Drive more than $1 trillion in the US economy 
  • Help to create and maintain industry standards 

Telling Our Own Story

Over the past two centuries, associations have positively impacted the United States and the world. As leaders in this industry, we must share our story lest a different story be told about us. Here are three easy steps you can take today to embrace your responsibility: 

  1. Download the Power of Associations Toolkit and share it with your team. 
  2. Sign on to the community letter to help raise awareness. 
  3. Discuss the role and impact of associations with your legislative contacts, members, and association staff.   

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have questions or require additional resources. MSAE appreciates the leadership and proactive efforts of the American Society of Association Executives in this arena!