Build Your Contacts List

Posted By: Donna Oser, CAE Blog,

We're up to our eyeballs in conference preparation this week. In reviewing the speaker list, I was struck by the excellent resources these subject matter experts and practitioners can be to association professionals and executives. Today's blog provides a sampling of some of those folks you may want to add to your contacts list. 

Stephen Bodnar, Owner, Geeks and Gurus, Inc.

As a former software developer and speaker who has supported conference planners throughout the country for 20+ years, Stephen's creative, can-do approach to event audio visual makes him an ideal thought partner to help you problem solve and get the most bang for your a/v bucks. 

Amelia Mimi Brown, CSP

Mimi is well known to many association professionals as a dynamic and engaging speaker - and she certainly warrants a place in your contacts for that reason alone. But Mimi is also the three-term president of the Michigan Chapter of the National Speakers Association and an enthusiastic networker - this means Mimi is also a great resource for potential speakers and session ideas. Mimi knows everyone! 

Edward Byers, CHRP, CMP, CAE

Ed Byers' expertise lies smack dab in the middle of most associations' weak spot: non dues revenue. Ed is the president of the Canrev Collaborative and has handled business development for the Canadian Society of Association Executives for 5+ years. It pays to get to know your neighbors. 

Bucky Dodd, Ph.D.

Wicked smart and easy to talk to, Bucky is someone you want to talk with if you're looking to improve the quality and profitability of your learning programs and digital content. With years of experience in learning innovation and design, Bucky is also a sort of sherpa on all things education technology. 

Mark Engle, DM FASAE CAE

Mark came highly recommended by two veteran association executives. Based on those recommendations, I knew I needed to learn more about Mark. A principal with the Association Management Center in Chicago (headquarters to 32 associations with a staff of over 230 talented professionals), Mark continually strives to develop and share new research that leads to advancing the association management profession. He is a frequent author and speaker on governance and high-performing organizations. If your organization is ready for next-level governance, Mark is someone you'll want to talk with. 

Mark L. Jones, CAE

For 20+ years, Mark built and led strategic consulting and information technology initiatives that serve associations. Mark brings that experience and his understanding of associations as a CAE to help associations tap into world-class learning management software. 

Pete Zimek, CAE

 A frequent and highly-rated speaker at MSAE's annual conference, Pete is someone you'll never tire of talking to. Former association executive com software developer and entrepreneur, Pete draws you in with his natural curiosity and helps you think about new possibilities with his deep understanding of associations and technology. Pete can help you think through your sticky issues - whether they're strategic or operational.

This list barely scratches the surface of the remarkable speakers who will be sharing their expertise at MSAE23. Take advantage of this opportunity to build your professional contacts list. In addition to saving us time and helping us make more informed decisions, having a short list of smart contacts can make our jobs easier and lives richer.